Concern shown over Worst condition of vegetable market

June 16, 2013 Off By Web Desk

HYDERABAD: Haji Ikhtiar Ahmed Arain Chairman Market Sub Committee of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry in a press statement expressed his serious concern over highly defective sanitary condition of fruit and vegetable market, Hyderabad.

He said that Sindh Market Committee collects a huge amount of money in form of taxes from agriculturists and businessmen. The concerned authorities are not using this tax money for the well being of the market. The sweepers of Market Committee are not being paid salaries properly therefore, they do not take any interest in collection of garbage from the market area, hence, garbage dumps long with sewerage water could be seen in market area, causing problems for trucks and other vehicles bringing in taking out fruits and vegetables.

It also causes hindrances in transportation and unpleasant smell of rotten organic matter along with sewerage water is not only a big problem for business community but also for the customers. Arain further said that traffic jams on the “Gharib Nawaz” bridge near fruit and vegetable market of Hyderabad specially in the morning hours has become a daily routine. Business community on their own, control the movement of traffic, the Traffic Police and District Management is silent over this issue. Before on set of monsoon rains disposal of garbage from Market area is a must. If the garbage is not lifted from the fruit and vegetable market on urgent basis, there is every likely hood that viral and other epidemic diseases may spread and reach to the general public through fruits and vegetables.

Arain highly regretted and said that the present Market Committee Administrator is not paying any attention to the cleanliness of fruit and vegetable market of Hyderabad. In fact the Market Committees were established by the Government to help the farmers to bring their farm produce to the fruit and vegetable markets easily and should take care of well being of business community dealing with fruits and vegetables.

He further expressed that in a meeting with the Director General Agriculture Extension, it was decided the 50% of the revenue collected by Market Committee in shape of taxes would be spent on the maintenance of market including its cleanliness etc. and on the well being of business community dealing with fruits and vegetables, but sorry to say that the above decision never materialized.

Arain demanded of the District Administration that the conditions of cleanliness and sewerage drains be improved at vegetable and fruit market Hyderabad before on set of current monsoon season and water pumps to drain out rain water be installed on priority basis.