Corruption at Torkhum border not in interest of country

September 1, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Landikotal: Corrupt practices on Afghanistan Pakistan border at Torkhum are not in the interest of Pakistan as not only they are harming our national image, but corrupt elements on Afghanistan side extort bribes from Pakistanis as retaliation.

Sources said Pakistani and Afghan nationals are being fleeced on the Torkham border because of the corrupt officials on both sides. Torkham border is the second busiest export and import border after Karachi. They said on both sides of the border official are not interested to take measures for trust building and creating a positive and friendly atmosphere for the people of the two countries.

“Mostly political administration officials like Tehsildar are not serious to play a positive role to end fleecing and bribery at the border,” a Khasadar Force official said. When any Afghan national is disturbed, insulted or forced to pay heavy bribe on the Pakistani side of
Torkham, the same happens on the Afghan side and even in the entire Afghanistan with Pakistani nationals, a driver Luqman Khan commented. Pakistani transporters and common people are humiliated because of the corrupt officials on Torkham border, he said.

Corrupt officials at Torkham border are interested to fill their pockets with bribery rather than to improve law and order, check smuggling and malpractices on this busy international border.

Torkham border could not be made a friendly border between the two Islamic brotherly countries due to the vested interests of the corrupt political administration.

An Afghan, Omer Jan, complained that Khyber Khasadar Force deployed on the Torkham border demands bribe from Afghan citizens on the border on the pretext of checking papers and documents.

It is learnt that the government had wrote a long time before to replace KKF personnel post commanders from various posts of Torkham border with KKF JCOs/ Subedars/Naib Subedars ,but so far this order is not implemented, said the sources.

Tribal MNA Shah Jee Gul Afridi has time and again raised the issue of border corruption and removing post commanders with political administration to facilitate the tribal businessmen and transporters but in vain.