Court reserves judgment in fake degree case against former Minister

April 4, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: The Additional and Session Judge on Wednesday reserved the judgment in fake degree case against former minister sports, tourism and archaeology Syed Aqil Shah.

The case hearing resumed at 1 pm and the lawyers of the former minister Latif Afridi and his team argued that the decision as well as the case had been referred to the returning officer by two members bench of the election commission was ‘illegal’ as the decision against their client must had been sent at least with the signatures of three members of the election commission.

They argued before the court that their client had no links with the degrees of Punjab University which were proven as faked. The election commission, they argued was unable to produce the witness which would show that the fake degrees were submitted with the commission by their client Syed Aqil Shah.

Lawyers of former minister argued that the degree awarded by American Institute of Commerce during 20032007 is now recognized the college was recognized by HEC on Wednesday.

They told the court that the proof and certificate of recognition from H.E.C would be produced on Thursday. They said that if the college was not recognizing it was not the fault of their client rather the college was responsible for this act.

Election Commission’s lawyer argued before the court that two members could also decide to proceed against the former minister. He said that the minister had submitted two degrees with the election commission which had been proven as faked. The minister, he argued was given due time to prove his degree as genuine but he failed to do and tried to deceive the Election Commission through different tactics.

The judge asked the lawyers of former minister as to why they had not challenged the case when it was sent to the court for action by two members bench. “What thing was hindering you of challenging you at the initial stage,” Justice Shaiber questioned.

Later the lawyers of former minister requested the court for some times so they could produce some documents relevant in the case. The court accepted their request and adjourns the case till Thursday and the decision in the case reserved for today.