Customers Rage as Emirates Refuses Full Refunds on Cancelled Tickets

With business going down and the responsibility of feeding the employees amid global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, the airlines across the world have had to rethink their strategies.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest airlines, Emirates has resorted to cheap tactics. As per public reports, Emirates is forcing people to have their booked tickets for suspended flights to be converted into vouchers for use within 12 months rather than offering a full refund.

A user revealed that he tried raising the matter on Twitter, however, he was surprised to see there were many like him waiting for a positive response from the airline.

I posted a rant on their twitter account, calling them out for being greedy. Surprisingly, their twitter feed is lined with many asking them to refund them and stopping this nonsense.

Here are some of the tweets where the users are saying the same thing:

The company has avoided issuing a public response. However, people have been contacted in private chats. Some of the customers have shared Emirates’ official response on the matter via screenshots.

However, anyone who uses the link to get a refund has to pay a cancellation fee even though it was the airline that canceled the flight due to unforeseen circumstances.

While everyone is in desperate need of cash and supplies during lockdown days, not returning the money to the people is backfiring big time for the UAE-based airline.

A ticket worth a few hundred dollars won’t mean anything to the multi-billion dollar company, however, it can help an individual stock up the necessary items at home during these testing times.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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