Demo to protest “USA aggression against N Korea”

April 18, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Workers of Pakistan are in total solidarity with the anti imperialist struggle of Korean people against the USA Jingoism in Korean peninsula. The revolutionary zeal with which North Korea stand against the sole superpower will unleash flame of resistance all over globe especially in Asian region, said participants of a protest demonstration organized by the National Trade Union Federation Pakistan NTUF at Karachi Press Club KPC Thursday.

The protest was arranged to condemn ‘provocative joint military exercises and military escalation of the USA and South Korea against the Democratic Republic Of Korea North Korea’.

It was led by Muhammad Rafiq Baloch, central President of the NTUF. The speaker noted that the nations of the world under constant threat from the hegemonies designs of the USA who had waged an undeclared world war III since long against them to control the mineral, oil and other rich natural resources through military means. They said the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya directly and Somalia, Sudan and many other countries indirectly were the worst kind of example of aggression to impose neo-colonization under the leadership of the US Imperialism.

The representatives of different organizations reiterated that “peoples of North Korea are united under the socialist ideology and well committed leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea and resolve to defend their socialist motherland at all cost”. They demanded to stop all military exercises, military escalation in Korean Peninsula; to withdraw all USA military forces and close down all military bases in South Korea and Japan to allow free unification two Koreas into one state; to end all UNO sanctions against North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Iran; to immediately withdraw all NATO led foreign forces from Afghanistan and Iraq and immediately stop the drone attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

They also demanded to halt all sinister campaign and the USA designs to install right wing reactionary mercenaries through toppling the Socialist President of Venezuela, Socialist government of Cuba, Syria and other.

The speakers included Nasir Mansoor Deputy General Secretary of National Trade Union Federation Pakistan NTUF, Riaz Abbasi, Khaliq Junejo Chairman Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Sajad Zaheer of Awami Workers Party, Comrade Rasheed of Communist Party of Pakistan, Zehra Khan General Secretary of Home Based Women Workers Federation, Jawaid Ansari Secretary of Pak Korea Friendship Association, Mushtaq Ali Shan of the Union News, Gul Rehman leader of Workers Rights Movement, Shaikh Majeed and Manzoor Razi.