District: Unscheduled loadshedding make people life miserable in Chakwal

May 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Chakwal: The unscheduled loadshedding of electricity coupled with a very hot weather on Tuesday made lives of the people very miserable.

The mercury touched 43 C and the breakdown of electricity continued for more than 1620 hours a day. The business centers gave a deserted look and especially those traders, whose business linked with electricity, literally went jobless.

The loadshedding of electricity especially during night made people pass sleepless nights and due to shortage of sleep, the people went irritated and the cases of quarrel have been increased.

There was also a shortage of water throughout the District as all the water supply schemes are stopped due to load shedding. Despite the caretaker government repeated assurance that the load shedding would be cut short, no respite has been made to the people.