District:Growers asked to conduct chamical tests of soil

December 20, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: The advanced agricultural research and technology experts have stressed upon growers and farmers to conducts the chemical tests of the soil of their agricultural land to know the actual quantity of the land fertility before sowing any seasonal crop, as these tests have now become vital for getting the maximum per acre yield of the seasonal crops.

They said that the chemical tests of the soil of the fields is the neglected segments as the farmers and growers have never bothered to get their agri lands tested due to lacked awareness about the advanced agricultural research and technologies.

Addressing a seminar on “the balanced use of bio fertilizers” the experts said that the underground fertility of the fields and agricultural land was decreasing day by day due to the maximum sowing of the three crops (at least three crops every year) and this is a point of grave concern for the growers and the farmers. They said that the country’s agricultural research institutions were busy to find out the chemical ways for enhancing the underground fertility of the fields.

Muhammad Nafees Hundal (DDO Agriculture Sambrial) also stressed upon the need of raising awareness among the cultivators and farmers about the proper and balanced use of the fertilizers, quality seeds, pesticides and awareness about the advanced agriculture researches and technologies to the cultivators and growers has now become vital for enhancing the per acre yield through modernizing the agriculture sector.