Doctors should be good human beings: moot told

May 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: President Pakistan Medical Association PMA Karachi Dr. Idrees Adhi on Monday said that the field of medicine is expanding from cellular level to micro specialties and future doctor has to be a good human being and expert in different kind of technologies.

He expressed these views while addressing the Post Conference Career Guidance meeting at PMA House here. Dr Idrees Adhi welcomed the young doctors and senior medical students present in the meeting.

He said that all developed countries in the world are very choosy in selection of foreign doctors and practically they only want very bright doctors to come, work and get training. He said that ophthalmology is progressing very fast and every day a new technology is introduced for the benefits of patients.

He suggested that young doctors interested in ophthalmology should try to have a very strong basic knowledge of biological science and they must work hard in learning diagnostic and curative methods to treat the patients. He said that a good ophthalmologist always put his patient first than anything.

Ex-member of PMDC Dr Shershah Syed said that all fresh graduate young doctors and post graduate trainee must go to foreign countries for future training in different fields of medicine. Majority of training programs in Pakistan are not structured and most of the time trainees learned by themselves. Majority of Pakistan trained postgraduate consultants are not competent as compared to trained surgeons, physicians, gynaecologists, Anaesthetists and in other field of medicines.

He also said that our post graduate programme is producing badly trained technicians who are not honest and lack communication skills. He also mentioned that some foreign trained doctors also behave with arrogance which is not acceptable.

Dr. Shershah Syed said that during MBBS training all students must decide about their future field of medicines and make a plan that in next seven to ten years they will be master in the field. He also mentioned that in every country the post graduate programme is under review because of progress in the curative and preventive medicine.

Dr. Shershah Syed informed the audience that in future there will be more slots available in USA for training because of Obama’s health plan. In Australia, it is difficult to enter in the training programme. In UK and Ireland Pakistani doctors are still welcomed but it is very competitive now a days.

Dr Khalil Muqaddam said that doctors have good opportunity in pharmaceutical field in areas like research and marketing. Dr Najam Feroze Mehmudi said that family practice is the backbone of medical profession. He said that an active family physician can have a very good life. Dr Qazi Wasiq, the Secretary General PMA Karachi talked, about construction of curriculum Vitae and how to appear in different kind of interviews.