ECP accused of ignoring rigging complaints

May 19, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: General Secretary of the Pakistan Ex-serviceman Association PESA Brig Syed Masudul Hassan on Sunday said the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP is not paying attention to the complaints of rigging.

Contestants as well as voters have been protesting across the country and staging sit-ins but to no avail, he said in a statement issued here on Sunday. He said that what happened in Karachi during the elections resulted in global humiliation which proved that our election process is far from being satisfactory after six decades.

Hassan said that why thumb impressions were taken on ballot papers if ECP lacked means of finger prints verification in the disputed constituencies. Was this exercise carried out to given impression of independence of ECP to the masses, he questioned.

Employing proper finger print technology to trace out who were the actual voters and also those who tried hijacked the polling process was responsibility of the ECP, he said. He said that the top brass of the ECP should accept their failures and take corrective steps.