Egypt’s Grand Mufti receives UNA Director General in Cairo

September 18, 2018 Off By Web Desk

Grand Mufti of Egypt Shawki Ibrahim Allam received here on Monday Director General of the Union of OIC News Agencies (UNA) Dr. Issa Khaireh Robleh, and discussed ways of enhancing religious cooperation and exchange of experiences between Dar Al-Ifta and UNA.

Sheikh Allam expressed Dar Al-Ifta’s readiness to provide all forms of religious and scientific support to the Union at all levels.

He said: “Dar al-Ifta is a historical institution established in 1895, whose task is to advise people in matters of concern, as well as its role in the face of the chaos of extremist fatwas, terroristic thoughts, and Islamophobia.”

He briefed Dr. Robleh on Dar Al-Ifta’s efforts against extremism and terrorism, as well as the role of the Observatory for Monitoring Takfiri Fatwas, which was established by Dar al-Ifta in 2014.

In an interview earlier with UNA during the Hajj season, Shiekh Allam stated that the observatory released reports on 240 fatwas issued by extremist and takfiri centers.

Furthermore, he stressed the need to understand the needs of the youth to address and enlighten them, noting that Dar Al-Ifta has enlisted experts in sociology and psychology to better address the issues of the youth and how to better reach them.

On his part, Director General of UNA praised the efforts of Dar Al-Ifta in the face of extremism and terrorism, as well as its role in conveying the true image of Islam abroad.

He stressed that the chaos caused by extremists issuing fatwas has created a threat to social security and that the media has to carry the enormous task of conveying the true moderate image of Islam in order to fight extremist misconceptions.

Dr. Robleh underlined the importance of exerting concerted efforts and the organization of work, expressing his aspiration to collaborate with Dar Al-Ifta in the training of muftis on media skills as well as training journalists in religious matters.

Source: International Islamic News Agency