Emergency dept of CMCH lacks facilities

May 16, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Ratodero, Sindh: The 40-bed emergency department of the Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana, is running without essential medical equipment and medicines since long while the shortage of trained staff has further hampered its efficiency.

Two doctors who perform 15-day rotation duty told PPI on condition of anonymity that the doctors ’ duty rooms is very hot without ventilation or air-conditioning system. They said they lack proper furniture as just couple of chairs is available for doctors and patients.

In night and evening duties when heavy rush of patients is reported only 3 to 4 Injection Hemacel are provided which are insufficient to deal with emergency cases. Glucometre strips are out of stock. The life saving drugs such as injections Dopamine, Dobutrex are mostly not available. Sanitation conditions are very poor and the filthy emergency looks like a cattle pen. The number of paramedical staff as compared to workload is negligible. No female staff including lady doctors is posted to deal with female patients. If the hospital administration posts female staff they either remain absent or get them transferred to o staff is called from other wards.

The emergency ward staff lacks proper communication skills and courtesy. The security conditions are so worse that usually attendants and criminal minded people bring weapons with them and threat doctors and other staff. There are frequent cases when doctors and staff of emergency department are due manhandled and severely beaten. Oxygen cylinders have been placed under electric boards and in case of electric short-circuit whole building may blow up.

The administration of CMCH is incapable to run this emergency department on scientific lines for the betterment of the poor & needy emergency patients of more than 12 districts of upper Sindh.

Only 4 to 5 Oxygen cylinders are available and only two are with proper flow meters. One each suction machine and Nebulizer has been provided but they do not work on generators due to low voltage. So is the condition of x-ray machine. The standby generator of Casualty department has been shifted to other wards, creating a lot of problems as load shedding is a common feature in Larkana district.

The SEPCO authorities have so far failed to provide uninterrupted electric supply to this 1350-bed largest teaching hospital of the region or put all five blocks of the hospital on single feeder to save the lives of patients and to ensure smooth operations. Frequent power outages create big difficulties while managing emergency cases and hospital authorities have protested several times to SEPCO Chief in Sukkur and Superintending Engineer in Larkana but in vain.

Central line for supply of oxygen should be laid in the Casualty without losing a single moment. ECG machine is available for cardiac patients but without its technician which should be posted immediately. Emergency drugs of low quality have been made available that too are insufficient but hospital authorities said that staff is involved in stealing these drugs especially at night & morning shifts.
One or two low quality antibiotics are available like Ofloxacin and Cefotaxime, the doctors complain, which too mostly remain out of stock.

No specialist doctor of surgery or medicine is posted here by the Principal, Chandka Medical College, Larkana, or concerned Heads of Department despite repeated requests in writing by the Hospital authorities.

Only one B.P. apparatus is available for 3 to 4 doctors to examine emergency patients but ironically no Thermometer is available. Staff work without proper uniform or service cards due to which many of them remain unidentified by the attendants of the patients hence they flee from their government duties without informing anyone.

Only one security guard is posted at night armed with a wooden stick who flees from the duty when weapons are brought by the attendants of injured criminals.

Doctors have demanded that bulk amount of quality medicines including life saving drugs should be made available along with proper equipment & instruments. Pulse oxymeter, monitors at each bed, ventilators and defibrillators should be provided to cover emergency. Well trained paramedics should be posted on rotation basis.

Strict police security must also be ensured specially at night time otherwise it should be provided in all shifts to create safe & sound atmosphere.

RMOs posted at night duty abscond during midnight for which they should be directed to remain on duty till morning as they are drawing full salary. Mobile x-ray & ultrasound machines should also be provided for accurate diagnosis and a mini laboratory should also be established to conduct emergency investigations.

The doctors further demanded that specialist cadre doctors must also be posted during evening & night shifts or CMC Principal should be taken to task. These specialist doctors pay more attention to their private clinics and centers instead of government duties which should also be completely banned as in the other provinces, patients’ attendants have demanded.