Failing economy domino effecting Pakistani society

April 28, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The failing economy is domino effecting the Pakistani society, further deepening political instability and chaos. Persisting load shedding, worsening lawlessness and unbridled corruption have eroded the very foundations of this nation; however, the ruling class has yet to put things into perspective and take an aggressive role to check this national downslide, said Pasban Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Sunday.

He said after the separation of East Pakistan, the second biggest conspiracy against this nation is the load shedding of electricity which has already doomed our economy. He said a decade or so ago Pakistan was in position to export its surplus electricity to India; however, the vested interests in a systematic manner damaged the electricity sector of Pakistan in camouflage of different issues including terrorism, sectarianism, extremism and political polarization. He said these successful evil designs have resulted in the present bleak scenario where electricity is too costly and too scarce to sustain Pakistani industry. He said this is a deadly blow to Pakistani economy but sadly very people realize its far reaching negative consequences.

After load shedding another big blow dealt to the national economy was lawlessness, particularly, well organized crimes of targeted killings and kidnapping for ransom in Karachi. This unprecedented lawlessness rattled the Karachi investors and resulted in a swift flight of industry and capital not only from Karachi but also from Pakistan. Today, Pakistani tycoons have set up lucrative industries in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and such other countries where despite high crime ratio the government fully ensure that the industrialists and investors are virtually unhurt.

Altaf Shakoor said the doom of industry and trade has opened the floodgates of unemployment. Millions of educated youth are wandering in search of even menial jobs, but could find none. He said this massive joblessness has given birth to a new wave of crime and the negative spiral of increased crime and diminishing industry has pushed Pakistan to brink of a total economic collapse. He warned if the rulers and patriotic people of Pakistan failed to take stock of this gruesome reality this country may also witness the same fate braved by former USSR, a big nuclear power that fell on knees due to severe economic crisis and internal unrest.

The worsening economic crisis and unbridled corruption of ruling classes have created an uneven distribution of wealth. The gap between haves and have-nots is constantly widening, concentrating wealth in fewer hands. He said millions of poor Pakistani sleep hungry while a few corrupt politicians and tycoons are hoarding billions and trillions at the cost of nation and country.

Altaf Shakoor said these sad states of affairs have also played havoc with national psyche, making people cynical, angry and hopeless. He said these short-tempered people are now committing serious crimes on petty issues which shows that their tolerance level have become too thin. He said the facilities of education, healthcare and healthy recreation are becoming nonexistence for poor families. He said commercialized education and healthcare have virtually closed the doors of schools and hospitals to poor Pakistani masses. He said these people are also deprived of any recreational facility to vent their anger and frustration as the playgrounds and parks are also being commercialized to erect tall buildings, shopping malls and marriage halls.

He said the corrupt politicians have left no stone unturned to loot and plunder the national resources. He said due to the vested interests of these sham politicians the vital civic sector has been criminally neglected, particularly in urban cities. He said commuters in Karachi have to travel, sitting on roof racks of minibuses, which is a shame for this mega urban city. The system of water supply, sewerage disposal and solid wastage removal are also in shambles.

He said there is sheer social injustice everywhere and the profit hungry foreign controlled corporate sector has been left loose to suck the blood of hapless Pakistani consumers. He said Karachiites brave extensive hours of electricity load shedding but the Karachi Electric Supply Company KESC extorts excessive bills from them. He said the culture of dishonesty and cheating have trickled down from our assemblies to the examination halls and now the students and teachers feel no shame while indulging in exam cheating.

Altaf Shakoor said this critical situation is a wakeup call not only for the government but also for every Pakistani. He said untiring efforts are needed on every front, collectively and individually to save the crumbling economy and society of Pakistan. He demanded a clear political vision and well coordinated long term national strategy to meet the current grave challenges and help this nation standing on own two feet.