Fauji Fertilizers case: Taj Haider hails SC verdict declaring contract workers as bonafide

July 23, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: General Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Sindh Taj Haider has welcomed the judgment of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Fauji Fertilizers case which holds that workers of a unit weather appointed directly or through a contractor would be treated as bonafide workers of the unit.

This historic judgment of the Supreme Court strengthens our basic commitment in PPP manifesto 2013 that “all wage
earners of a unit will be treated as bona fide workers of that unit”. Haider said that the contract system of appointments had only filled up the pockets of contractors and middlemen did not contribute to production. “It has only deprived the genuine workers of fair returns for their work. The system is counterproductive, immoral and in contravention of the ILO conventions that Pakistan has signed.”

Haider reminded that PPP government had provided for many legal benefits like EOBI pensions, social security, workers’ welfare fund, housing, medical facilities, Education local and abroad for children, disability pensions, disability grants, and marriage grants for children of all bonafide workers.

He said: “All these facilities are to be provided by the State Institutions at the provincial level without any sort of burden on the factory owners. It is a tragedy that hundreds of thousands of workers cannot avail these facilities although more than 150 billion in funds are lying unutilized in EOBI and WWF. The only hurdle in the way is non-recognition of these workers as bona fide workers.”

At the same time the collections in EOBI and WWF can increase manifold if only a small fraction of the money pocketed by middlemen was legally deposited with these institutions as the contribution of workers and factory owners. The sooner the illegal contract system s abolished the better for workers and factory owners both, the PPP leader said.

Haider said that the industrial sector cannot be modernized unless the ILO conventions were followed in letter and spirit.
So much of human effort and financial resources are wasted in conflicts which are entirely needless. If a positive attitude was adopted and workers were treated as “partners in production”, not only the needless conflict shall subside but significant increases can be brought in quality, product value, exports and wages.