FCR is the basic impediment in the peace of FATA

April 8, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Frontier Crimes Regulations is the basic impediment in the peace and development of FATA. FCR has long violated the basic human rights of the tribesmen in FATA. FCR is a century old draconian law that has promoted discrimination of the people in tribal regions.

Under the cover of FCR laws the political administration does not consider itself accountable to any one in FATA. FCR is contrary to the basic laws enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan as well. Tribesmen demand its total burial.

ANP Khyber Agency leader Shahid Afridi has said that Frontier Crimes Regulations FCR directly confronts the basic rights enshrined in the constitution of Pakistan. “FCR must be completely abolished so that basic human and political rights of the tribal people could be protected,” ANP leader commented, saying the chief justice of Pakistan should take suo moto notice of the inhuman laws of FCR so that tribesmen could live a peaceful democratic life in FATA.

He said that FCR has pushed FATA into a black hole where there is no concept of peace and development. Press and publications’ ordinance cannot be extended to FATA if FCR is intact, Shahid Afridi reminded.

He said FCR had given unlimited powers to the political administration due to which the administration’s officials were above ay accountability in FATA, saying that FCR could not improved by amending.

Malik Ashraf Zakha Khel recalled that some two and a half years back the former Assistant Political Agent APA Landikotal Azam Jan Khalil had sent elders and youngsters of his tribe to Central jail Peshawar for two months, adding that former APA had illegally forced them to submit 13 AK 47 rifles as fine which has nothing with FCR and tribal culture and traditions.

“The political administration misuses its powers for fining the tribesmen, Ashraf Khan said, requesting the system to be made harmonious with the constitution of Pakistan.

“We don’t think any peace or development is possible in tribal regions under the cruel laws of FCR,” JI Landikotal leader Banaras Shinwari observed, saying that large scale awareness is need of the hour to update the tribesmen regarding the inhuman laws of FCR.

“Civil Power Regulations is worse than FCR,” JI leader said. He said that JI had always raised a strong voice against FCR, adding that JI leadership had suffered a lot in FATA due to FCR and the misuse of powers by the administration. Corruption and violations of basic rights cannot be checked if FATA until the draconian laws are declared null and void.

Hassan Ali Shinwari, a common man, condemned FCR though he confessed that he was not fully aware of the clauses of FCR, but said that everybody in FATA was in trouble owing to FCR.

The authorities enjoy unlimited powers in FATA under the umbrella of FCR that is why it should be eliminated in the best interests of the people in FATA, Ali remarked.

Tribal journalist Ahmad Nabi lamented by saying that even educated persons and journalists of FATA were not aware of the clauses of FCR though everybody opposes it.

He said that time has come to uproot it to let democracy take roots in FATA. He also criticized that NGOs had not initiated awareness programs inside FATA rather NGOs were holding limited functions in hotels, which could not be Availed by people in FATA.