Final postmortem report of late Bashir Khan Qureshi released

August 29, 2013 Off By Web Desk

RATODERO: The committee formed for issuing final postmortem report of late JSQM Chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi has issued the report SHO Rahmatpur police station, Larkana, showing the cause of death “as a result of long-standing Ischaemic Heart Disease i-e natural cause of death in ordinary course of nature.

The report has been signed by five doctors who initially conducted the postmortem, who were Dr Rahim Bux Baloch, Ex-Medico-Legal Officer, Dr Abdul Qayoom Rajper, Assistant Police Surgeon, Dr Kanwal Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, GMM Medical College Sukkur, Dr Ghulam Qadir Kaheri, Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, Chandka Medical College, Larkana, as members and Dr. Safiullah Abbasi, Police Surgeon/Medical Superintendent, Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana, is Convener/Chairman. The inquest report No: 340 dated: 07-4-2012 was sent by the concerned police station and provisional postmortem report No: 44/12 was issued on 07.4.2012.

Health Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi, had constituted 15 member committee which included Professors of Forensic Medicine & Pathology of various Medical Colleges of Sindh and unanimously decided to send Visceras (specimen) and samples recovered from the body of deceased to international reputed laboratory of UK to analyze for qualitative as well as quantitative tests for poisoning with emphasis on insecticide/pesticide with Histopathological examination of the Viscera to satisfy the relatives as well as to meet the ends of justice.

Accordingly, the final postmortem report further added, LGC Lab of UK report was directly received by the Health Department, Government of Sindh, Karachi (14 pages) which were sent through courier by Dr. Sikander Ali Memon, Deputy Secretary-III (PH) with his covering letter No: SO(Tech-I)9-40(2011) dated: 26.6.2013 enclosing LGC Lab reports comprising of 11 pages which all are photocopies and were without signature of concerned (foreign lab).

After receipt of such report, final meeting of the committee was held on 25.4.2013 in the office of the Director Laboratories & Chemical Examiner, Chemico-Bacteriological Laboratory in compliance to letter No: SO (Tech-1)9-40/2011, dated: 24.4.2013. In that meting all member unanimously concluded that the deceased died as a result of long standing Ischaemic heart disease i-e natural cause of death in ordinary course of nature (details in letter of even number dated: 30-6-2013 sent by Dr. Sikander Memon, Deputy Secretary-III (PH).

This final postmortem report has raised many questions whether the foreign laboratory was really reputable and if yes then why it did not send original reports duly signed and if it did send original reports to Health Department then why these have been kept hidden from the 15-member committee constituted by Government of Sindh’s Health Department and Police Surgeon of CMCHL. Secondly, it was suspected in the beginning that the deceased was given poison through insecticide which was determined as suggestive Organic Phosphorus pesticide by the CB Lab Karachi and on the behalf 15-member committee issued such report which has now been finally issued on the basis of findings of UK Lab.

Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) Chairman Bashir Khan Qureshi lost his life on 07.4.2012 and his postmortem was conducted at CMCH mortuary. PPI.