First research journal on Sufism & Peace in Asia launched

June 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

JAMSHORO: The first ever research journal on Sufism & Peace in Asia ‘Mystic Thoughts’ has been launched by Sindh University’s Campus, University of Sufism & Modern Sciences (USMS) Bhitshah here on Thursday.

In the research journal, 10 research articles of the scholars have been included which are based on promotion of Sufism, peace, tolerance, justice and social equality in Pakistani society. The chief editor of the journal Dr. Aslam Pervaiz Memon who is Pro-Vice Chancellor of USMS planned ‘Mystic Thoughts’ and finally got it published. Educationist Basharat Ali Lanjwani and Dr. Kiran Sami Memon are associate editors of the research journal.

About the launching of ‘Mystic thought’, Dr. Aslam Pervaiz Memon told that the society of Pakistan was striking by the rising turmoil, lack of peace of mind and insecure atmosphere persisting amongst the masses. He said that the growing competition in socio-economic spheres and increasing insecurity had created a stressed scenario for the common people in the country.

“The present image of Pakistani society is specifically marked by the growing tendencies towards an extremist mindset which is emerging and mounting with a steady pace; by disseminating the messages of Sufis, we can control on extremism,” he said. Dr. Memon said that the message and practices of spiritual Sufis for peace, harmony and love in the society had proven to be more influential than any legislation.

Sufism is an evolving field of study all around the world as an academic discipline dealing with the adopting of Sufi practices to resolve conflicts, achieve peace and harmony and ultimately attain a world characterized with the observance of the human values as a necessary part of our daily lives, he said.

Meanwhile, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has approved the research journal ‘The Government’ in Z category. This journal is brought out by the department of political science, University of Sindh Jamshoro.

According to details, the HEC approved the government journal in Z category following the detailed deliberation. It is no doubt a big achievement and success that the journal has been approved in Z category, said Dr. Aslam Pervaiz Memon, the former chairman of the department. He said the research culture will be promoted in the varsity after achieving better category among the research journals.