Five dialysis machines at CMCH not working

May 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Ratodero, Sindh: Out of 18 dialysis machines five have not yet been repaired at the Nephrology Department of the Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana. All these five machines are new and have recently been added to the section for the benefit of the kidney failure patients. Most of the machines go out of order because of frequent power fluctuations and non-provision of (Uninterrupted Power Supply) UPS system.

Electricity load shedding has further aggravated the situation. Out of thirteen working dialysis machines eight are reserved for Hepatitis negative patients, four for C positive, one for B positive patients and five machines are non-functioning.

Recently a motor of the only Water Reverse Osmosis (WRO) system was burnt due to overheating Saturday and then the whole dialysis section came to an end. It was immediately repaired on Sunday and it started working on Monday.

The section badly needs another WRO otherwise it is feared that such situation may arise again in the near future as dialysis section works in two morning & evening shifts daily.

Most of the patients have complained that doctors have detected other ailments after their examination such as Hypertension and Cardiac problems and they are of the view that they have been infected through dialysis as they have come to know that the soil water is salty hence unfit for dialysis use but the doctors insist on getting dialysis here and if we ask them to providing safe water they are always refused dialysis.

They said that they are very poor and cannot afford to go to Sukkur or Gambat hence are forced to live the days under stress & tension. Sources said that there are neither services of any dialysis engineer nor water testing expert is available to repair these machines or to check the fitness of the water being used for dialysis.

The soil water was proved unfit for dialysis because of the fact that Rice Canal flows nearby during a scientific test conducted by the PCSIR Laboratories, Karachi, which was ordered by the former Medical Superintendent of the CMC Hospital due to which it was decided that the whole department should immediately be shifted to City Block as soil water of that area is comparatively less harmful.

Old Casualty building was renovated as new Accident & Emergency Centre was established in a new building constructed for this purpose and the renovated & repaired old building was selected for the Nephrology Department which is located on the main thoroughfare in Larkana and is said to be the most suitable place for dialysis and other such patients.

If the shifting occurs quickly then the beds occupied by the kidney failure patients will be taken over by the Urology Department which badly needs these beds due to increased rush of patients suffering from urological ailments.

A surgeon told PPI on condition of anonymity that he has stopped using WRO system water for conducting TOR operations as he found that recovery of the patients is always delayed and after that he have achieved remarkable result.

He said that he is using other water found in another area which has yielded better results. People have demanded that Nephrology Department should be shifted to City Block without loss of further time, in the interest of kidney failure patients and those creating unnecessary hurdles for their own vested interests should be taken to task.