Gastro cases increasing in Nawabshah

May 23, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Nawabshah: At least one person died of sunstroke and 20 other went unconscious when temperature reached 50 centigrade in Nawabshah district on Thursday.

Around 50 people suffering from gastro were admitted to hospitals after drinking contaminated water.

According to the details, ongoing wave of heat is continue in Nawabshah and as per meteorological department the maximum temperature remained 49.5 centigrade in the town on Thursday.

A 35 year old man Ghulam Shabbir was died due to scorching heat and twenty other were also went unconscious due to extreme heat in Nawabshah.

However, dozens of people were also suffering from different waterborne diseases in the city.

Professor of Medicine at Peoples Medical Collage Hospital Nawabshah Dr Saleem Faiz informed that people were suffering from different waterborne diseases due to drinking of contaminated water. He said 20 to 30 gastro affected people are being admitted to his hospital on daily basis.

He advised the citizens drink boiled water and cover their heads before going somewhere during noon time.