Govt hospital keeps CT Scan out of order to facilitate private party

May 24, 2013 Off By Web Desk

NAWABSHAH: A costly computed tomography (CT) scan machine of People’s Medical College (PMC) Hospital, Nawabshah, has been kept deliberately out of order to facilitate the owners of a private diagnostic centre of the town.

According to sources, the hospital administration has deliberately kept its CT scan not repaired so that the needy patients visit to a private diagnostic centre. This non-serious attitude of hospital management towards s the problem of poor and needy patients is a matter of grave concern.

After no working in the ST scan section, the hospital employees have also started to work in private diagnostic centre laboratory, for which they receive extra wages, besides taking full government salary, the sources said.

The CT Scan machine of the PMC Hospital have been out of order from last three months, forcing the poor patients to pay huge amounts for their CT Scan tests from private centre.

Elaborating the details, hospital sources said that the CT Scan machine was purchased by the government at the cost Rs15 million and a company of Karachi is also being paid Rs1 million annually for ensuring its repair and maintenance. “But despite of the payment for maintenance charges to private firm, the hospital administration is not seeking urgent repair of the CT scanner.”

They charged that some black sheep in hospital administration have deliberately made fault in the machine and are not taking step to get it repaired from the maintenance company to that a private party may get windfall at the cost of poor patients. They alleged heavy bribery has ensured that the CT Scan of the government hospital would not be repaired soon.

The sources said that some technical staff of the hospital was serving at the private laboratory, adding many corrupt doctors are also receiving hefty commission for referring their patients of pathology tests, X-Rays, Ultrasound and CT scans to the private laboratory.

The patients of the hospital had demanded of the higher authorities to immediately get repaired the SC Scan machine so that they could get avail this facility on cheaper rates.