Govt to raise awareness among masses about quality education

January 7, 2019 Off By Web Desk

Federal Education and Professional Training Division would initiate an active campaign and reform agenda to raise awareness among masses about quality of education in public sector schools.

According to an official document, the education ministry under this initiative will identify common standards applicable in school systems across the country.

Under quality education reforms agenda, the Ministry would review curriculum to select a common syllabus across the country. In this regard, the government has set up a National Curriculum Council to achieve the task.

The government would establish common national teaching and learning standards entailing a standardization of curriculum and textbooks, common standards of teaching and learning, multi-language proficiency and regular review of learning outcomes to determine uniformity of learning outcomes across, public, private and Madrassa systems.

It has been decided that an agreement on a multi-lingual policy would be made under which English will be taught as a second language.

Source: Radio Pakistan