Greenwich University organizes media workshop

September 2, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: A one day media workshop on “media ethics” was organized by the Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies, Greenwich University. Its objective was to highlight the ethical practices required for both News and Entertainment and to discuss unethical practices in media industry.

Former Federal Minister, Javed Jabbar, who was the chief guest for the event, stated, “Media has a very strong impact on the society and it has to be seen in the context of ethics. Ethics are fixed body of basic fundamental principles which don’t change”. He further stated, “Reality cannot be totally captured by media due to its nature of excluding”.

Javed Jabbar, on this occasion also highlighted some of the recommendations of the two-member media committee appointed by the Supreme Court of Pakistan. He urged the students to read the recommendations and give their suggestions on it.

Faisal Qureshi, TV actor and host, stated, “For last three years, I have not discussed anything and played any songs which were not from our country. It is my own censorship”. He further added, “Entertainment channel are portraying a very gloomy picture of the country in contradiction of the terrible picture of the news channel”.

Associate Professor Saleem Moghal said that research in universities regarding media should be implemented for not only for the growth of media but for the betterment of the society also.

Khurram Kaleem from Samaa TV stated, “It is hardly ten to twelve years of private media in our country. If you compare today’s media with the media twelve years back, you would find a huge differences; things are improving gradually and media is learning from their experiences”.

Zaheer Khan former PTV Director, Shaheen Salahuddin famous news anchor, Sabeen Agha documentary maker, Taban Zafar, Ali Asghar Arbab, Pir Mohd and several other media person attended the event and share their experiences.

Seema Mughal Vice Chancellor of the Greenwich University also attended the event. It was a great opportunity for the students of the Greenwich University to learn media ethics from the experienced media persons.