Gulshan-e- Ghazi without potable water for two years

May 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Gulshan-e- Ghazi area of Baldia Town has been deprived of potable water for two years, leaving residents to take contaminated water and face waterborne diseases.

The dwellers have also been compelled to live on the mercy of tanker mafia which is minting money by selling water at high prices. This trouble has made the life of citizens miserable.

Mumtaz Khan Kashmiri, a social worker and resident of the area, said on Tuesday that their children have been hit by waterborne diseases due to taking contaminated water for the two years.

He said that they had submitted many complaints at Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB and held several protests but KWSB did not take any notice of them and turned deaf ears to them.

Kashmiri said that the local people have been compelled to buy water from tanker mafia on high rates. He alleged that tanker owners supply contaminated water to the residents of the areas.

He revealed that there were 10 illegal hydrants in one kilometre distance from Gulshan-e- Ghazi turn to Football Stadium.

He demanded of KWSB and the government to supply clean drinking water to Gulshan-e- Ghazi residents and eliminate illegal hydrants from the area so that residents could receive pure drinking water.

KWSB Superintendent Engineer Aga Ahmed Durrani said that Gulshan-e- Ghazi is a hilly area where power breakdowns had affected water supply. He was of view that KWSB is facing 400 million gallons of water shortfall, so they could not supply water on regular basis. He said that water supplied in the area on May 09, 2013 but due to power outages, pumping stations could not supply water at tail ends and in hilly areas.