Huawei’s Play Store Competitor is Now Available Across the Globe

January 17, 2020 Off By Web Desk

To uphold its position in the market, the Chinese tech giant Huawei has launched the full release of its HMS Core 4.0 globally. For those who don’t know, this Core is basically a collection of tools designed to help prospective developers produce applications for Huawei’s AppGallery.

The collection comes with IDE tools for development and testing, HMS Connect, HMS Capabilities, open HMS Apps, and HMS Core. Developers have been waiting for these features since Huawei first announced its in-house operating system and AppGallery. Hence, we will see a massive increase in the number of applications produced since around 1.3 million developers have already signed up, and over 50,000 applications have been integrated into the Core.

The services provided by HMS Core 4.0 includes:

Machine learning services

Text awareness services

Code scanning services

Short-range communication services

Panoramic services

Unified services

Sports health services

Dynamic tag manager services

Online fast authentication service

Location services

Security detection services

Fast application services

Digital rights services

User identification services

Currently, the Huawei AppGallery has more than 400m monthly users, even though most of these are from the Company’s local market, the numbers are promising. For now, the numbers will most likely not concern Apple and Google, however, tables might turn in the future because of Huawei’s undeniable reach.

Apart from this, Huawei has also announced the implementation of a new strategy for its consumer devices that will offer a seamless AI experience using the 1+8+N approach. Based on this, the smartphone (1) will be at the center, while the related Huawei devices like wearables, tablets, and PCs (8) will be in the middle bridging products like televisions, appliances and even cars (N).

Source: Pro Pakistani