Hundreds of village inundated by flood water

August 12, 2013 Off By Web Desk

TAMBOO: Hundreds of villages have been flooded in Tehsil Tamboo and Tehsil Baba Kot. Land routes were dislocated and hundreds of people were stranded.

According to details hundreds of villages of Tehsil Tamboo and Tehsil Baba Kot of Nasirabad were completed flooded and dislocated. Manjho Shori Bairoon, Qaboola Wah, Kot Puliani, Ali Abad, Mir Wah, Garhi Rehman, Nooro Wah, Chalees Dup, Sath Dup and hundreds of villages were eliminated. Roads were completely dislocated in these tehsils and hundreds of families were stranded in flood water. Thousands of families have shifted to safer places.

By polls are being held on August 22 on PB29 Tamboo Baba Kot constituency. Due to rains and flood water polling on 22 polling stations would be badly affected and voters can be deprived of casting their votes.

However Deputy Commissioner Nasirabad has informed Election Commission of the situation arises out of rains and floods. Political circles have appealed to Election Commission to extend the date of polling due to rains and floods in the area.