Ignorance may result in loss of eyesight: warns expert

December 11, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Care is a must to save eyesight and even small ignorance may prove costly in this regard, said a renowned eye surgeon.

People in general and elderly citizens in particular should not undermine even small symptoms of eye ailment and infections. Even slight negligence regarding the eye infection could result in bigger complications and treatment would be much time taking with increasing chances of complete loss of sight in some cases, Ophthalmologist and President Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) Dr. Misbah ul Aziz said this after the cataract surgeries of 152 patients free of cost at Adamjee Eye Hospital.

He said PIMA organizes free medical camp every month while in Karachi around 1500 patients screened in November and 350 selected for cataract surgeries free of cost at Adamjee Eye Hospital. He urged citizens that they must avail this treatment facility as whole treatment including lenses, medicines, glasses, transportation and cataract surgeries are free of cost.

He said there is dire need to create awareness regarding the symptoms and treatment of eye diseases and infections. PIMA is striving hard on different platforms with dedicated trust the Prevention of Blindness Trust (POB). He also urged citizens to come forward and help PIMA in this regard so prevention of blindness could be ensured in Pakistan.