Illegal electricity, water connections ruining KWSB

July 21, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi/ Gharo, Sindh: Illegal water and electricity connections from the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB installations and reservoirs are making the corrupt officials of the institution richer at the cost of the Board and its consumers.

Sources said hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are stolen daily from two canals of the KWSB RCC Canal and K2 Canal between Haleji Lake and Gharo. Corrupt officers sell this water through illegal connections and uncalled for overflow to local landlords who use their precious water meant to cater the drinking water needs of Karachiites to irrigate their wide farmlands. Sometimes due to excessive overflow of their canals precious water is wasted jest letting it go to discharge into the sea.

Similarly, many people are using the electricity of KWSB for free as the corrupt officials have given them illegal connections. The KWSB pay millions of rupees as electricity bill; however, the major beneficiaries are the corrupt officials and their clients using this electricity through Kunda.

The sources said recently, the managing director of KWSB has stopped salaries and petrol allowance of 13 officers due to their involvement in illegal connection business. This act resulted in temporary disconnection of illegal water and electricity connections, but now another official enjoying political patronage has revived all these illegal water and electricity connections. It is said that the lands being irrigated from the stolen KWSB water are covertly owned by some influential officers of the KWSB, albeit the names of the owners are changed in official record for the ease of the corruption mafia.

If the KWSB seriously conducts a probe against the corrupt officials and stop theft of its electricity and water, this cruel leakage and wastage of the funds of this cash strapped public service institution could be effectively checked.