Independence day preparations in full swing

August 7, 2017 Off By Web Desk

With the advent of August,

preparations to celebrate 70th the Independence Day of the country

started in full swing to express love and affection for our beloved

homeland in befitting manner.

In twin cities, major government and private organizations are

busy to finalize special programs for the Independence Day

including, seminars, dialogues, lectures, essay and quiz

competitions besides, especial decorative arrangements of the


Flag hoisting ceremonies would be held in all federal and

provincial capitals and cannon slute would be paid to the heroes of

our country who rendered remarkable sacrifices for the nation.

People from various walks of life are decorating their houses

and buildings with national flags and buntings, while the main roads

are also being adorned with flags and fancy lights.

Decorative items are in high demand these days including

national flags, multi-colored garlands, badges, Minar-e-Pakistan

models and portraits of the Quaid-e-Azam and national heroes, said

a shopkeeper at a local market in Aabpara market.

The business of these items at all big stores as well as by

roadside vendors remain on peak till August 14, which shows the zeal

of people of all age grops, a shopkeeper remarked.

Shopkeppers and youngers play National songs in their shops

and vehicles which gives the message that whole nation is united and

value indepence.

However, people complained of the high prices of flags,

pictures of national heroes and other stuff like badges, buntings,

historical places models, ect.

Printers and makers of bindings, flags, banners and badges are

fully engaged in their business.

Children enthusiam is at its peak who collect stickers, badges

and other items to decorative their bicycles, motor bikes, cars

and take round of the city in form of a rally to express their

solidarity with the country.

Source: Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage