India planning to change altogether demography of Kashmir: Mishal Malik

February 11, 2020 Off By Web Desk

Prominent Kashmiri leader, Mishal Malik says India is working on a plan to change altogether the demography of Kashmir in the next five years and later to agree to hold a plebiscite in order to get favourable results.

She said this while speaking at a four-day workshop on “Modi’s Hindutva policy, bleeding Kashmir, and the response of Pakistani media” organized by Pakistan Broadcasting Academy in Islamabad in collaboration with the PTV, APP and the National Press Club.

She said non-state subjects are being settled in Kashmir on the pattern of Israeli settlers in Palestine.

Mishal Malik said the Indian forces had been using rape and molestation as a weapon of war against the Kashmiris.

Referring to strong and intertwined bonds between Pakistan and Kashmir, she said both Pakistan and Kashmir are interdependent and their survival is linked to each other’s survival.

Source: Radio Pakistan