Industrialists laud PMLN for sweeping polls

May 15, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Naseem Anwar, Sr Vice Chairman, Dr Qazi Ahmed Kamal, Vice Chairman and the Members Executive Committee of SITE Association of Industry have congratulated the leaders of PMLN on getting majority National Assembly seats in the general elections 2013 and expressed full cooperation from the association.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, they hoped that PMLN being in a position to form new government would make sincere efforts in resolving numerous challenges ahead, particularly maintaining of law & order, energy crisis, social & economic issues, harmony in the country and best level playing field for the industries to play their due role in boosting up the economy of our country.

They advised the new federal government to not to ignore the development of Karachi the biggest city and the economic hub of the country. It is agreed by all that if Karachi prospers the whole country will be prosper. They expressed the hope that the new government would adopt effective measures to overcome and resolve various issues being faced by the industrial and business community.