Islamabad police submits challan against Sikandar

November 26, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Islamabad: Islamabad police on Tuesday submitted a challan in a court against Muhammad Sikandar the notorious gunman responsible for the infamous ‘Islamabad standoff’ on August 15.

The challan accused Sikandar of putting lives of innocent people in danger and of using children as human shield. He is also accused of the unlawful use of weapons in the challan. Around 30 witnesses have recorded statements against Sikandar.

SSP Islamabad Dr Rizwan, who was leading the inquiry into the Jinnah Avenue incident, is in the United Arab Emirates to investigate the matter further using the expertise available there. He will also acquire Sikandar’s bank details as part of the investigation.

On August 15, Muhammad Sikandar, armed with two sub-machine guns and accompanied with his wife and two children, had driven into the middle of the Constitution Avenue in the evening, where he fired on the police and started a stand off.

Sikandar was finally arrested after six hours but not before receiving bullet wounds from security personnel. He was taken into custody and hospitalized at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences.