JI congratulates PMLN on poll victory

May 28, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami JI Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mehanti on Tuesday congratulated PMLN chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif over the success of his party in general elections 2013.

In a statement, Mehanti hoped that the PMLN government would ensure implementation of Islamic rules in its newly formed government. He said that the country is passing through a critical juncture and facing issues including law and order, unemployment, power crises, drones attacks, terrorism, extortion and so called war against terrorism.

However, he hoped that the newly elected government of PMLN would tackle the issues effectively and bring out the country from hot waters. JI chief urged Nawaz for imposition of Islamic government in its true spirit, as his party under the guidance of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had struggled a lot and sacrificed lives in the movement of independence.

He further said that PMLN leadership through its tireless efforts for the last five years had delivered for the people and set example for its exemplary development works. JI leader said that the newly formed PMLN leadership would leave no stone unturned in order to facilitate the people and imposition of Islamic laws in the country.

Mehanti said that the country after 9/11 through a conspiracy pushed into the so-called war against terrorism and the prevailing adverse situation is an open proof of such conspiracy adding that the PMLN government would take steps to bring out the country from hot water.

JI leader urged the newly elected government of PMLN to take serious steps to overcome that power crises, otherwise its claims would be proved like PPP’s government claims for provision of ‘roti, Kapra and Maken.

He hopped that the PMLN government would take clear and daring stance over drones’ attacks, adding that the time had come when the Pakistani government should pass on a clear message to the United States that the war on terrorism was not ours.

Mehanti asked the PMLN leadership for taking steps to eliminate public grievances of war footing basis.