JI flays attacks on Syria shrines

July 23, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Jamaat-e-Islami JI Karachi ameer Muhammad Hussain Mehanti has termed the attack on the shrines of the Hazrat Bibi Zainab Granddaughter of the Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid RA in Syria, an attack on entire Ummah.

In a statement issued here on Tuesday, he expressed deep concern over the attacks on the shrines of Hazrat Bibi Zainab and Hazrat Khalid Bin Walid and bomb blasts in mosque during Friday prayers.

Condemning such terrorism incidents, Mehanti said that the foreign powers and anti-Muslim were hatching conspiracies in order to produce anarchy among the Muslim Ummah, adding that such incidents, an attempt to affect the religious harmony.

“The sentiments of entire Muslim Ummah were being hurt by such terrorism incidents,’ he said adding that it is a responsibility of entire Ummah to ensure protection of sacred places of Muslims.

He urged the entire Ummah to understand the conspiracies being hatched by anti-Muslim powers against Muslims and make united efforts to foil all such conspiracies.