JI Khyber agency sought transfer of PA

April 22, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Jamaat-e-Islami JI Khyber Agency on Monday alleged the Political Agent of the agency for his undue interference in the election process. They demanded Election Commission of Pakistan ECP to immediately transfer him and appoint impartial officials to supervise the elections in the war riddled agency.

Speaking at a news conference here at press club, Hassan Shinwari, ameer JI Khyber Agency alleged PA Mathar Zeb Khan and Assistant Political Agent APA Jamrood, Jahangir Azam Wazir were supporting a specific candidate in the election.

They alleged that the political administration has also under the influence of former Provincial Ministers therefore; they cannot remain impartial in conducting the elections.

Similarly, he blamed that in Jamrood the JI flags had removed under government supervision, tortured the party workers and erected flags of a specific candidate of NA45 which he added was a violation.

He added it seemed that plans had been hitched for large scale rigging in the general election in Khyber Agency and all the candidates had expressed fear of prepoll election rigging.

“The PA has failed to uphold the ECP code of conduct” said Hassan added that millions of rupees were being spending even by the independent leaders on their election campaigns which were also against the code of conduct of ECP.

“Former federal minister Hameedullah Jan have launched developmental sachems in tehsil Bara for deceiving tribal people while it is against the ECP laws but political administration and ECP are silent on this matter” the JI Ameer also put
allegation on former federal minister.

He warned if the concerned PA were not transfer early, they along with other political parties would launched protest movement and responsibility would be hold on ECP for any type of election ragging.