JUIF FATA demands transfer of top political administrator

March 30, 2013 Off By Web Desk

LANDIKOTAL: JUIF FATA has demanded early transfer of top political administrator of Khyber Agency to ensure free, fair and transparent elections in Khyber Agency.

The top administrator has assured the former parliamentarians of Khyber Agency that they would be supported in the upcoming elections on NA45 and NA46 only if they protect him, JUIF central council member and leader Qari Jehad Shah told this scribe on telephone.

“Political Agent PA Khyber Motahir Zib Khan has failed to maintain the law and order situation in Khyber Agency rather he has fanned violence in the agency through his inefficiency and ineligibility as the top administrator of Khyber Agency,” Qari Jehad Shah alleged, adding that PA Khyber was solely responsible for the bloodshed and corruption in the entire Khyber Agency.

JUIF leader regretted that disorder and corruption in all parts of Khyber Agency has disrupted routine activities, which must be noticed. This is impossible for the election commission to hold free, fair and transparent elections in Khyber Agency by and large in the presence of incompetent political agent, Qari observed, saying it is crystal clear that PA Khyber has sympathies with the former tribal parliamentarians of Khyber Agency.

If the top administrator tries to influence the upcoming elections in Khyber Agency, it would disappoint the masses in this part of FATA and would deprive the people of their choice to elect honest and dedicated representatives, Jehad Shad expressed his reservations.

So far the top administrator has not taken any measures to create durable peace and begin development schemes in Khyber Agency, JUIF leader remarked. JIFF would be compelled to bring out its thousands of workers to the roads to lodge their protest if the Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa did not post him out of Khyber Agency in the best public interests, he concluded.