Kamata Pakistan launched ‘soft skills’ training program

December 25, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Lahore: Kamata Pakistan, on 18th Dec 2013, took another step forward in its role of bringing better job opportunities for blue collar workers. For the first time in Pakistan, Kamata Pakistan launched ‘soft skills’ training program for this underprivileged sector of the economy. This was first of many training programs to come from Kamata Pakistan.

This first program was targeted to drivers so that they can enhance their ‘soft skills’ including communication, behavioral and interview skills which would eventually help these drivers to retain their existing jobs or to find new ones. In this session with the shortlisted drivers, training was given on several points including confidence, responsibility, self-presentation, job description and other things that are associated with their job like punctuality, abiding traffic laws etc.

The session was interactive and generated a lot of discussion among the drivers. They appreciated Kamata Pakistan’s efforts in giving them valuable tips on etiquettes which was summarized from the feedback given by employers who used Kamata Pakistan’s online job portal for hiring drivers. At the session’s conclusion, certificates were distributed among the drivers. These will help the job-seekers make a good impression on the employers during interviews. Kamata Pakistan plans to continue these training sessions for the benefit of Pakistan’s blue-collar community in the future.

Kamata Pakistan’s mission is to play its part in developing and raising the skill set of blue collar workers to make them stand out from others. For this purpose, Kamata Pakistan will be designing such training sessions for other categories as well in the future. Kamata Pakistan aims to provide to enhance and upgrade skill set of the Blue Collar employees and for that, Kamata Pakistan will always play a lead role in organizing training and development sessions.

Kamata Pakistan (http://www.kamatapakistan.com) is a web and mobile based start-up dedicated to bringing better job opportunities to the blue-collar (informal) job sector (cooks, technicians, welders, helpers, office boys, factory labour, sales persons etc.) by appropriately connecting with the right employers and job seekers via various digital mediums – website, SMS and social networks. It hence aims to generate livelihoods and reduce unemployment by facilitating the flow of information between the workforce and the employers.