Karachi buses violate colour code as bureaucracy looks other way

November 12, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Karachi public transport buses enjoy impunity to follow the official public transport colour code, as the provincial transport department bure4acracy lacks vision to give the city a disciplined public transport.

Strictly following a proper colour code is the first requirement of public transport buses. London is famous for its red-colored buses and every urban city prescribes a proper colour code for its public transport buses. The Karachiites still remember fleets of defunct Sindh Road Transport Corporation (SRTC) and Karachi Transport Corporation (KTC) buses painted with official colour code. Even recently vanished Green Buses of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) buses used to follow official green colour code. However, for many decades private public transport buses, minibuses and coaches do not follow the official colour code with total impunity. The government officials fully know this grave violation but they look the other way as their palms are greased.

It is a bad luck of Karachi and Karachiites that policymakers here at federal, provincial and city level have always lacked a vision about how to run an urban public transport system. The transport ministers often belong to rural, feudal and tribal background with no experience how to deal with urban social issues. Corruption, kick-back and commission culture has remained the rule of thumb in government departments and the corrupt bureaucracy does not care about the problems of citizens. They just take care of their own vested interests throwing behind the back larger interests of public.

Proper colour code not only gives public transport proper visibility and thus assist commuters in identification of public transport but also give the city streets a civilized and disciple urban look. This is why when toady red-colored buses of Lahore metro system is a pride for Lahoris, shabby, old buses poorly painted with different colour combinations is a sorry look for Karachiites. Karachi is more developed urban center when compared to Lahore, but the provincial government of Punjab is far ahead when the urban vision and civilized thinking is concerned.

The Sindh transport department has not got a minister after a long time and it should follow the vision of their counterparts in Punjab province and give Karachi a respectable public transport for which the very first step would be to strictly implement official colour code for all public transport buses, minibuses and coaches of this city. This would help in streamlining the chaotic public transport sector of this city and also help the provincial government to show its writ and take a step forward to good governance.