Karachi International Children’s Film Festival begins

November 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: With films from 21 countries, the 3rd Karachi International Children’s Film Festival (KICFF) opened at the ZVMG Rangoonwala Community Centre on 25th November, 2013. The KICFF will be on till the 29th of November with morning programmes for schools everyday and special evening shows for families on the last day.

Organized by the Teachers’ Resource Centre and Little Art the film festival offers a unique opportunity for schools to expose their students to high-quality and meaningful entertainment. For the last two years, TRC and Little Art have been organising the festival with overwhelming response from children, parents and schools.

The KICFF is a sister festival of the Lahore International Children’s Film Festival, which is in its 5th year in Lahore. The festival will showcase 38 films from 21 countries including 13 films from Pakistan. The films have been carefully selected from 400 entries that were received from 35 countries.

The Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC) is a non-profit, non-government organisation, dedicated to improving the standards of education in both government and private sector schools in Pakistan. The Little Art is a not-for profit organization, committed to bring innovation through arts education for children and young people in Pakistan.

Following are short summaries of some of the films:

Stoneflies (Germany) On a little island lives Ferdi, a little boy stonefly. Stoneflies cannot fly, they are too heavy and their wings cannot carry them. But Ferdis biggest wish is to fly. So he sets out to a journey to learn how to fly. On his way he meets several stones whom he asks about the art of flying, but none of them is really able to help him. When he had already given up all hope and accepts his fate, he meets a little girl and his dream comes true.

Guddu ke Guddi (Pakistan) is a beautiful animated story of a young boy who loves catching kites from the Lahore sky. He struggles to catch a kite, but decides to give it away to another child. What happens next is a surprise.

Bubble (Pakistan) is a story of friendship between two children, who share similar issues and understand each other. Colored Pencils (Brazil) is the story of a poor 9 years old boy who lives with his mother and loves to draw. Claudio nurtures the idea that drawing a colored portrait of his estranged father will make him come home. Claudio obtains 3 magical colored pencils, but his mother allows him to use only one color per day. Thereafter each color will have an influence on Claudio.

Bitseller (Spain) is about what happens to a traditional writer when he has to change his old typewriter for a computer.

The Centipede and the Toad (France) is set in a faraway forest where the gracious, lissome centipede is admired by all the other creatures, except for an old toad who is haughty and jealous and who hates him. One day, the toad decides to get rid of the centipede.

Summarized stories of the showcased films are available www.lahorechildrenfilm.com