KESC puts into force rain emergency plan

July 9, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: In view of the approaching monsoon, Karachi Electric Supply Company KESC has put into force its Rain Emergency Plan2013 with a view to improve its capability to quickly restore service during rains and enhance public safety because of hazards created by monsoon.

KESC intends to manage increased workload as a consequence of rains through effective coordination and timely positioning of manpower and material stock. The power utility has advised general public to keep away from rain created hazards including fallen wires, wet electric installations inside and outside buildings, and inform KESC about any emergency.

The plan envisaging closer interdepartmental coordination and pre-practiced drills to ensure seamless operations in times of emergency would act as a guideline for all rain emergency actions. According to the plan, KESC would alert field staff after receiving weather reports of approaching rains and would notify emergency need to rectify pending faults on information received from Central and Regional Nerve Centers, which have been especially setup for the purpose.

These centers would collect all information during Rain Emergency from all public complaint offices and support departments maintaining low tension and high tension transmission lines and distribution network. Field maintenance teams equipped with required machines, special tools and lighting arrangements etc. would work in three shifts round the clock to ensure rapid
Rectification of faults.

KESC’s top management would directly be monitoring situation through Fault Reports at an 8hour frequency initiated by all area offices. At times of emergency, these reports would be initiated after every 4 hours. All maintenance and support vehicles have been made available for prompt deployment at location of fault while standby vehicles would also be ready
to move immediately in case of a vehicle breaking down. Like previous years, safety of field staff would be observed as highest priority. In cases of rectifying faults, line isolation shall be ensured before undertaking work.

Repair staff has strictly been directed not to work without ensuring proper safety measures. On the other hand, elaborate arrangements have also been made to announce Public safety messages through Mosques and to paste safety warning tapes on unsafe or critical poles in affected areas.

These messages would also be printed on electricity bills and sent out to consumers via SMS, emails, Facebook and Twitter. Safety leaflets would also be distributed amongst regions for increasing public awareness about electrical hazards due to monsoon.

All regional coordinators will remain in close contact with respective Town Administrator’s offices to mobilize KESC resources as per greatest need of public. At underpasses, where water stagnation is expected, KESC would coordinate with sewerage pumping stations to ensure continuity of uninterrupted electric supply and preempt any risks of electrocution.

Given public support in terms of immediate notification of monsoon hazards to KESC, the power utility has expressed hope to see a safer Monsoon this year for Karachi.