KESC refutes any delay in feeders repair

June 4, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Karachi Electric Supply Company KESC has clarified that two out of 12 dedicated feeders supplying power to water pumping stations faced faults last night. Feeder 1 was back fed in about 30 minutes and alternate supply of Feeder 5 was arranged within 23 hours due to late receipt of KWSB clearance for the associated shutdown required. Hence, as the repair work was undertaken, power supply to Dhabeji was back fed so as to cause negligible gap in water pumping.

KWSB’s assertion is out of sync with the real situation. It would also be relevant to mention that frequent faults in KDA Pumping Feeder 1 are primarily due to the dilapidated condition of its cable and, despite strong recommendations of KESC; the Water Board has failed to pay for its replacement.

KESC also referred to a media report which quoted a Water Board official as mistakenly mentioning one of the dedicated feeders also supplying power to nearby poultry farms and thus facing the issue of overload.

KESC clarified that no additional customers are connected on KWSB feeders in use for pumping water, therefore, the reference was irrelevant and baseless.