KESC refutes KWSB claims

December 30, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has categorically denied the claims made again by KWSB. KESC statement said that there was no fault from KESC’s end that led to a power outage at the pumping stations, except for the main cable fault that occurred at the KDA Filter plant on the 28th of December. The Filter Plant was immediately back-fed which means that there was no outage there.

KESC made it clear that the other 3 plants that the KWSB claims to have been without power had nothing to do with KESC, but the fault occurred at the consumer end due to the obsolete cables and wires that KESC time and time again has asked the water board to change.

Giving the details, the press statement added that these internal faults occurred on the 29th of December, and it took less than an hour to rectify this issue, but the KWSB portrayed it otherwise. Such baseless claims made by the MD Water board are unjustified as it is almost impossible to have such a severe water shortage as claimed by the KWSB if there is an internal fault of less than 1 hour at the pumping stations.

Spokesman KESC added that not only is the KWSB our biggest defaulter, but putting KWSB’s own incompetence on KESC is uncalled for. Spokesman made it clear that there was no outage whatsoever on the 29th of December at any KWSB pumping station as claimed by the water board.