KESC urged to clear SSGC bills

May 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: The load shedding situation in Karachi appears to be worsening as more areas are being brought under the load shedding regime and duration of load shedding hours in all areas of the city has seen an increase in recent days.

The Karachi Electric Supply Company KESC lays the blame for this state of affairs on SSGC, stating that the gas utility is not supplying it with the requisite quantity of gas to generate power for the city’s residential and industrial consumers.

The Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC rejects this allegation on part of KESC. A spokesman of SSGC has said it is KESC and not SSGC that is primarily responsible for load shedding in Karachi. He said that the gas volumes required by KESC are available but cannot be supplied as the KESC has already defaulted in a big way on SSGC’s due payments.

The SSGC spokesman said the gas company had reminded KESC time and again to clear its dues which have now exceeded the Rs. 48 billion mark but KESC is adamant and is not making SSGC its due payments. The spokesman said that the attitude on part of KESC is rather defiant and while it blames SSGC for the load shedding in the city, it does nothing to clear the gas company’s dues that have been overdue for a long time and are accumulating. .

The spokesman further said that KESC is, in fact, so obstinate that it does not even accept that it owes SSGC the huge sum of Rs 48 billion but at the same time it insists that gas must be supplied to it in the required volume. As a result of this, the people of Karachi are being held hostage and are suffering as power load shedding hours are being increased by KESC.

The SSGC spokesman urged KESC to start paying its dues to the gas utility so that the load shedding situation in the city could be saved from further worsening.