Khalistan Referendum: 2nd phase of voting in Canada today

The second phase of voting in connection with the Khalistan Referendum in Ontario district of Canada is being held today.

According to Kashmir Media Service, Sikh representative organization, Sikhs for Justice, is spearheading the Khalistan Referendum campaign aimed at garnering support at the international level for separation of Punjab from India and declaring it a separate homeland for Sikhs.

The Sikhs for Justice has announced its plan to hold phase II of the Khalistan Referendum voting, today, in Toronto to accommodate those who were unable to vote on September 18, 2022.

Sikhs for Justice Leader Pannu has already called for a referendum on Khalistan in India by 26th January 2023.

He urged the Sikh community to support Khalistan referendum to create a Sikh homeland in Indian Occupied Punjab.

He said if India is a real democracy, it should accept the referendum results.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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