Khushhali Bank secures 1st place at Microfinance Mela

May 2, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: The State Bank of Pakistan hosted the Micro Finance Mela 2013 at Craft Bazar Bahawalpur and was participated in by Micro Finance Banks from across the country such as Khushhali Bank Ltd, Tameer Micro Finance Bank, NRSP Bank, The First Micro Finance Bank, NGOs such as Kashaf Foundation and Madawa Welfare Organization.

The main theme of this mela was to celebrate the work being done in the microfinance industry to alleviate the socioeconomic conditions in the country and to reduced poverty and unemployment.

The unique aspect of the arrangement was that the clients of each of the participating banks displayed their products, representing the businesses that have flourished thanks to the financial support extended from the Bank. This served as a confidence builder as well as a marketing endeavor for the entrepreneurial individuals who are considered the very life blood of the economy.

Khushhali Bank’s stall displayed different hand crafted garments, decoration pieces, utensils and jewellery etc created by Khushhali clients. A Multimedia and sound system was also arranged showing a documentary of Khushhali Bank’s journey.

Prizes were awarded based on the quality and attraction of the stalls on display. The 1st place was secured by Khushhali Bank where as the 2nd place went to First Micro Finance Bank and 3rd place was secured by Tameer Micro Finance Bank. About 5,000 people visited the mela.