Kizilbash & Data Steel on Swiss Bridge

October 18, 2015 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Karachi Bridge Associates organized mid week Bridge Tournaments, Pair Event on Friday and Swiss Team event on Sunday afternoon. It was largely attended by fans of duplicate Bridge.

While Tariq Zafar and Nadeem Khalid became the undisputed winner of the Pairs, Kizilbash and Data Steel are still uncertain in the Swiss Team Event.

14 pairs contested the weekly title, and Tariq Zafar – Nadeem Khalid left others far behind to taste the dust. They scored 66.07% to win the title of the week. Mushahid Siddiqui – Syed Ameer Hasan finished on the second spot with 60.12% followed by Khalid Manzur and A.K. Bhurgari 57.08%.

In the team event 7 teams contested the title. Kizilbash having Hamed Mohiuddin, Anwer Kizilbash, Anisur Rehman, Ziaullah Baig and Tanvir Mazahir fought a pitched battle to claim the title having defeated Masood 14.20, Stars 13.97 and Pasha 18.20. On the other hand, Data Steel lost first match to Masood, then made recovery on Points table, defeating Karachi Aces 18.14.

Mushahid 18.28 and finally Stars12.31 V.P. However, there had been some dispute of scoring in the last round, and it will be checked and finally it would be ascertain whether Kizilbash would be able to retain its leadership or Data Steel will overcome the deficit. Data Steel comprised Tariq Rasheed Khan, Shakeel Chandna, Ghulam Muhammad, Hussain Jaffer and Ashraf Kothari.