KMC Administrator visits Finance Offices

December 5, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) Administrator Rauf Akhtar Farooqui has directed Finance Department to build finance & accounts system according to modern needs. Increase in revenue resources, timely preparation of accounts & budget, betterment of computer database and other important matters should be given special attention.

He said this while visiting various offices of Finance & Accounts Department on Thursday.

On this occasion Financial Advisor Farhan Durrani and other officers from Finance Department were also present.

Administrator Karachi in a briefing was informed that Rs326.958million in lieu of OZT share and Rs500million in lieu of Grant-In-Aid were expected monthly from Government of Sindh whereas KMC through its resources achieves Rs170million monthly and Rs112million through KDA resources therefore Rs1108.958million fund was expected each month whereas Rs1212.524million were spent on salaries and other expenses monthly.

The monthly establishment expenditure include salaries KMC Rs412.360million, KDA salaries Rs183.000million, DMC salaries Rs.259.664million and other establishment expenditure Rs18.000million, KMC pension Rs130million, KDA pension Rs35million, grant to KMDC for payment of salaries Rs39million and Fire Brigade overtime(fire risk allowance) Rs12.500million. The total establishment expenditure is Rs1089.524million whereas the total of non-salary expenditure comes to Rs123million.

Administrator Karachi also inquired about the sources of recovery and revenue targets. He also went to the budget section, the database section and computer section where he gave instructions to officials about improvement in database programming.