KP new CS appeals for honest and dedicated performance

June 20, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Peshawar: Newly appointed Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mohammad Shehzad Arbab, in his first message to the bureaucracy and official machinery of the Province has appealed to come out of the traditional bureaucratic mode and become a helping hand to realize the agenda of Change set forth by the new government of the Province.

This he said while addressing the first meeting of all the administrative secretaries at Civil Secretariat in Peshawar on Thursday. Secretary Information Azmat Hanif Orakzai, Secretary Establishment Arbab Shah Rukh included among the participants of the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, the Chief Secretary said the people of our Province were in a very miserable condition and we the privileged class needed to come out of our bureaucratic mode, take a new start and undertake our role with honesty, dedication and professionalism in order to give shape to the ambitious agenda of the new government for change. He said the people of the Province have given a mandate to present Provincial government and that aimed at bringing about a meaningful change in the Province. It would be goodness to our own selves or otherwise it would be a great dishonesty if we failed to do so. Arbab Shehzad, on this occasion recalled the role of late Malik Saad Shaheed who, he added, was a police officer but he did remarkable jobs in various departments.

The Chief Secretary said that he expected all the administrative secretaries to set a timeline for setting things right in their departments which he added would be monitored. He said that his timeline might also be monitored by certain quarters. He said that bureaucrats should give easy access to the people in order to make solution of their problems possible.

He said the policy of merit and the rule of law should be the guiding principle for us all. He said that every step taken in good faith would be supported from the top adding that any wrong move should be corrected with confidence. He said that education and health were on top of the priority list of the present government.

He said that the official machinery should ensure punctuality and keep strict vigil upon the misuse of government transport. He said the government has to do a lot of work including the local government election etc.