KUJD dismisses nominations in 8th Wage Board

September 23, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: Executive Committee of Karachi Union of Journalists Dastoor has vehemently rejected the nominations of 8th Wage Board for newspaper employees through a notification by federal ministry of Information. The President KUJ, Sajid Aziz through a statement said that the nominations in the 8th Wage Board is one-sided and done with the sheer conspiracy and misguiding the present government.

Formation of 8th Wage Board is not at all acceptable as it does not have the representation of all factions of employees and journalists” Sajid Aziz said adding that how can this board termed as representatives as all the employees represented by APNEC and a larger group of journalists represented by PFUJ Dastoor are not included in the Board.

He further called upon the government to reconstitute board with the inclusion of representatives of all the factions so that it would not be challenged in the court of law and no one would be able to conspire against the rights of newspaper employees. He urged the Federal Minister for Information, Senator Pervez Rasheed to withdraw the notification issued arbitrarily and reconstitute it in order to avoid any controversy due to the inclusion of unqualified people representing journalists and employees. He said that KUJ will fight against this unjustified, unethical, unfair and against the merit move on every forum till the withdrawal of this notification.

He endorsed the statement of Chairman All Pakistan Newspaper Employees Confederation APNEC Shafiuddin Ashraf that most of the names in the notification have no right to represent newspaper employees as one is former president PFUJ Burna second is ex secretary general and not working in any newspaper or media organization for the last two years while the third one is an employee of a TV channel. They stressed that Mian Nawaz Sharif has promised the nation to ensure merit in every sphere of life but merit is being ignored.

He demanded of the federal information minister and secretary to bring the transparency and merit by reconstituting the board by bringing in true representation.