Kuwait launches ‘Donate to Educate’ campaign for the poor

September 11, 2018 Off By Web Desk

Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) Deputy Chairman Anwar Al-Hasawi affirmed KRCS’ commitment to the society development and supporting efforts to help needy families to continue their education.

On the sidelines of the donation campaign ‘Donate to Educate’, Al-Hasawi underlined that the campaign aims to bring 5,000 students back to school after dropping out of the educational process for economic reasons and for lack of tuition fees, KUNA reported.

“Every donation means a seat for a child to resume schooling,” Al-Hasawi added.

The campaign comes within the framework of the humanitarian role of KRCS to achieve its main goal in educating children in need, stressing the importance of the education as well as other relief and medical issues in terms of its contribution to construction of humankind, he noted.

Source: International Islamic News Agency