KWSB chief asks equitable distribution of water

May 3, 2013 Off By Web Desk

Karachi: Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid visited different areas of Saudabad, Malir along with Saudabad Tanki Pumping Station. Deputy Managing Director T&S Iftikhar Ahmed Khan, Chief Engineer WTM Anwar Saeed Khan, Chief Engineer Malir Zone Imran Asif, Chief Engineer Landhi Jamil Akhtar and other concerned officers were also present with him on this occasion.

During the inspection visited he expressed his distress over the shortfall in water supply as the weather is getting warmer every day. He said that due to summer the demand has been increased therefore it is vital that proper strategy to run the water supply infrastructure is formulated.

He directed that all pumping stations must operate as per the given schedule and water is supplied equally to all parts of the city. Furthermore, special attention should be given to supply in Malir and adjoining areas along with other areas so that the citizens may get ample water supply during summers.

Later on, M.D KW&SB also visited Landhi & Korangi Pumping Station and director that the capacity of pumping shall be increased, the station must be repainted and machinery is maintained on regular basis. He directed that concerned Chief Engineers and other officers must visit their concerning areas to find out the troubles citizens are facing.

He said that due to the ever increasing temperature during summers water supply demand is also increasing every year, whereas, increase in population and high rises in the city also play their part in the increment of water supply demand. It is our utmost priority to ensure swift provision of water supply to all consumers of KW&SB, regardless of their locality.

He said that KW&SB officers and staff are equipped with the necessary experience and skills however special attention must be given to strategy and practical steps. Valve operations as well as the valve operation staff must be inspected and operations must be carried out professionally. Since, there is a need to improve valve operations since it has been observed that tail end consumers are often neglected to ensure supply to head consumers.

M.D KW&SB directed that steps must be taken to ensure the supply schedule in Malir, Saudabad, Landhi, Korangi, Pipri Colony, Kashmir, Hazara Colony and Qayyumabad. Joint Signatures must be taken on meter readings and officers must cooperate with each other. Issues such as electricity shortage and illegal hydrants in the area must also be given special attention to and resolved on immediate basis.

He said that KW&SB is a public service institution where we strive for swift supply to the citizens and Illegal Hydrants are a hurdle in this process. KW&SB will continue the operation against illegal hydrants.