KWSB officials directed to speed up progress on KIV project

May 27, 2013 Off By Web Desk

KARACHI: In order to draw higher officials’ attention towards the importance of Greater Karachi Water Supply Project KIV and commence the development as per approved plans Managing Director KWSB Misbahuddin Farid has written letters to Member Land Utilization Sindh, Commissioner Karachi, and Commissioner Hyderabad.

In his letters he stated that KIV project would revolutionize Karachi not just economically and industrially but socially as well. This project would also increase National resources and uplift the economy in Karachi, the economic backbone of the country.

Informing them about the development of the project he stated that surveys as per Commissioner Karachi and Revenue Officers’ directives have been completed however it is now vital that the land is allocated as soon as possible so that the development work could be initiated. Since the project is of national importance therefore it is vital that development progress on the project does not face any delays. All departments especially Revenue Department need to pay special attention to the project in order to ensure uninterrupted development on this project.

Furthermore, about 11000 acres of land would be allocated for this project in Karachi and Hyderabad division. Although Phase-I is in the design process however, land survey has been completed with the help of Revenue Officers. It is now vital that all departments cooperate with each other in order to complete this project of National importance on time.

Allocation of land for 1000 feet wide and 129 kilometre long corridor is the next vital step of this project since this corridor would be the backbone of the project. It would start from Southern corner of Keenjhar Jheel passing through Thatta and Karachi it would end at Northern Bypass near Gulshan-e-Maymar in Karachi. Owners of the buildings and infrastructure on this 129 kilometre long belt have already been informed about the importance of this project.

MD KWSB praised cooperation displayed by Deputy Commissioners and Revenue Officials for helping KW&SB to complete the survey in Thatta and Karachi. However he stated that in order to complete the project we still require their cooperation and requested that under the Revenue Act Section 17 & 6 KWSB must be allocated the land as soon as possible.

He also directed all officers of the department to speed up the progress on KIV project and contact all concerned departments. He said that Karachi is currently facing shortage of 400 million gallons daily and with the rapid increase in population and industrial requirements completion of Greater Karachi Water Supply project KIV is critical, since the available resources are rapidly growing insufficient.

Moreover, although the project is approved by ECNEC and Government of Pakistan but the development of this project is depending on cooperation of Government of Pakistan, Government of Sindh and especially Revenue Department. Special attention from all concerned departments is required to ensure that the project is completed on time.

MD KWSB is currently contacting all concerned departments and officers. The project is also a critical one for KW&SB since with the completion of this project K&WSB would not only have sufficient supply for catering the needs of the city up to next 30 years but would also have additional water.